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    • I am fortunate to have keys to an LDS church where I can practice basketball by myself. I’ve found ways to get my heart rate up by incorporating jump rope into my work out, running sprints, etc. I’m curious to know how others have managed their workout routines during this COVID madness. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

    • A good part of my exercise routine is walking (at a good pace) outside, so that hasn't changed. The only issue with this for me is that I am also using walking as a calming exercise so I have been having issues with taking days off!

      I am also taking virtual pilates classes a couple of days a week and doing pilates or strength exercises on my own on other days. Is it enough? Maybe not, but it's something.

      While I do miss the in person classes I normally take (pilates & TRX) I'm finding that the virtual classes help. It gives me connection with other people and the possibility of corrections from the instructor. It also gives me the incentive to focus for the duration of the class and to do exercises that I don't always think of on my own.

    • I've been cycling, or rowing, to try loose some weight. I found I'm snacking a bit more in isolation so need to lift my exercise.

      Discovered a great app that works for my polar heart rate monitor for when I'm cycling.

      I'm loving the info that it gives.

    • Nice! Sounds like you got a good routine! Walking is one of the best forms of exercise! I should do more pilates/strength exercises. That would help me with my hoops.