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    • As a side note, I think the jack was removed because it's been claimed to be a place for water ingress and so most new phones are at least water/splash resistant now.

      I don't think that's true. The Galaxy Note 9 has a headphone jack but is also IP68 rated. On the other hand, the OnePlus 6T doesn't have a headphone jack and isn't IP rated either.

      While we're on the topic of "why" the headphone jack "needed" to be removed, I think the Note 9 is a great counter to all the alleged excuses manufacturers give. More space for a larger battery? Note 9 has a 4000 mAh battery. More space for internal components? The Note 9 can house the S-Pen.

      The more likely reason is that manufacturers are following the trend set by Apple, or they want to sell more accessories. Alongside the removal of the headphone jack from the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus also released USB-C earphones, and a pair of wireless earphones as well (which I bought). Apple's top selling smartphone accessory? The 3.5mm dongle.

      As far as consumers go, there's just no good reason why the headphone jack should be removed.

    • For a few years, have had a wired pair of Skull Candy cans - I think they cost around US$40 new. I do not like anything to poke into my ear canal or hang on my ear - excema issues (I am old geezer). The Skull Candy cans were a little too small - did not cover my outer ear, but rather pressed against the ear. They hurt after a hour or two. A few months ago I bought a pair of Bose QC35 - a notable improvement. The bluetooth connecting is pretty straightforward, but I have two devices and one tends to preempt the other, so I turn off the bluetooth feature on the less-used device unless I need to listen (I mostly think computers should be seen and not heard, so it isn't much of an issue). Although the battery life is good, I would say it is mildly annoying to have to recharge a couple of times weekly. There is still a wired cord available; 3.5mm audio plug on the PC end, and a slightly smaller plug on the headphone end. The charging connection is a micro-USB jack. Because of the noise cancellation feature, even if you use the audio cord, it is still necessary to recharge. But aside from all that, the QC35 are super-comfortable - I tend to leave them on a lot; it is so nice and QUIET :)

    • Appreciate the water proof clarification. It's really a shame they removed the jack, because I still very much prefer to continue using my wired headsets, not because I mind spending few dollars now and then buying these adapters when I invariably lose them, or the additional complication. And some of the non oem substitute adapters are of really poor quality and lose contacts when moved around. I currently have a Motorola Z3 Play phone which I absolutely love because of it's moto mods options that let me have a slim second battery literally making my phone power last few days, a quite useful projector, a JBL speaker or a true Hasselblad camera. Talk about James Bond style devices! LOL.

    • Bose 35 II's here, just picked them up on sale $50 off just now.

      Came recommended by my audio advisor, a high influencer in the headphone world.

      Comfortable, but these are for music and movie consumption, not phone calls so I don't have anything there for that. Over ear is far more comfortable but they do make my ears hot, I run a little higher temp than most folks I guess.

      The connect app is clunky but works ok, changed the assistant button to adjust noise canceling level. Might be able to make it through the holidays with some silence.