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    • I see and read an awful lot of doom and gloom on the media yet the statistics point to a more positive direction for humanity. War deaths are generally trending down, violent crimes worldwide are down, repression against LGBQ is generally improving, poverty rates declining, people are taking positive steps towards a greener future and so on. We can easily cherry pick situations here and there that are seeing a spike in something negative or horrendous but generally we are trending in the right direction. Why so much pessimism for the future then? Am I misreading the pessimism?

      Yes we have some serious challenges to make a better future for humanity: climate change, childhood poverty, inequality, growing population, war and so on. But isn't the fact that we are even talking about what needs to be done a positive sign? I don't see us sitting around and doing nothing about it though I, like most of the people on here, would like to see more being done and faster.

      I want a better future and I think some things will get worse before they get better but I'm optimistic about the future. Are you?

    • Optimistic, no doubt. There has never been a better time to be alive in the history of humanity, and the trajectory of human progress is clear.

      We do have some challenges before us, climate change being by far the biggest of them, but still, I believe they can be overcome, despite the not insignificant forces (politicians, fossil fuel industry, ignorant people) working to drag us down.

      Of course, we might all be wiped out by a meteor tomorrow. In which case, heh, we had a good run.