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    • Hellrig II

      I bought a Smallrig cage for the Z6. Shooting some real estate on Sunday. This will work.

      I wish the damn 70-200 f/2.8 would &#$&^*$#%ing get here though. Grrrrr.

    • Yeah - I like the Lume cubes. Best use for them is as additional fill-flash units - they will work off an optical trigger. Although can be a bit flakey.

      You couldn't use them on people the way I have them mounted on the cage here - squint city - but they are good for rooms and objects to give more bam.

      They work pretty good as back and fill lighting for interviews too. SO easy to deploy.

    • They give around 25 minutes of battery life at 100% Brightness - which is surprisingly bright, but isn't much time on a video shoot.

      So typically I rig them with a power bank and haven't run out of juice yet. You can always USB power them of mains as well, but ... like I need more power cords running around a location.

      This works - plonk 'em anywhere: