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    • I just came across this video and thought some of you would find it interesting. Did you know that the best selling beer in the world is Snow Beer? Maybe some of you do, but I didn't until I saw this. It has 5.6% of the global market share and 25% of China's market share. Even more crazy is the fact that it is ONLY sold in China. That's right. Going up against beers that are sold globally, this Chinese brand still outsells any beer in the world by a wide margin.

    • When it comes to beer, 'best selling' is definitely not a quality I'm looking for LOL.

    • I love to experiment with beer, and some Chinese beers are pretty mad good: they don't resemble IPAs (which for me is a major plus), and tend to be light and yet have 5-6% ABV. I'm really curious about this one: there has to be a reason why a quarter of the population consistently buys it. I'm kind of piqued; would really try to get my hands on one of these.