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    • I'm writing a USA TODAY piece about the pain of getting cracked phone screens fixed, and would love to get feedback from the Cake community.

      Anyone have any good/bad/horror/inspiring stories about their repairs?

      I cracked this iPhone XS Max right after shooting a timelapse in Madrid when it started to rain. I pulled the phone out of the tripod slot, it slipped and fell face first to the concrete. Not only did it get very cracked, but I couldn't use the camera for photos either.

      I called the two major alternatives to Apple Store repair and was told they won't fix this model, because the parts are too expensive. Apple itself only charges $329.

      And the company sometimes wonders why people don't want to buy new phones?

      Let me hear from you!

    • I dropped a Google Pixel 2 about six weeks after I got it - the first smart phone I'd ever managed to damage in the decade I've owned one. As I took it out of my pocket to enter my vehicle, it slipped out of my hand. Just like a cat, it didn't land on a surface that was protected with the case, but rather dead-on the face of the phone. Even with a screen protector, it didn't help.

      Of course, I didn't pay for the phone insurance that all carriers provide...I've never needed that coverage in a decade.

      Well, $180 later and a new screen, and I was a happy camper. I still think I'm money ahead without insurance.

      That phone had some other issues start to pop up. Unknown if it was related to the initial drop, so I traded it in for a Pixel 3.

      I really need to hold off on an upgrade cycle, so I don't see me getting a Pixel 4 anytime soon.

    • 😢 I've cracked SO many screens! If you're active it's so easy to do. I just can't bring myself to make an appointment at the Apple store, fight the crowds, and have them tell me why my repair isn't covered under AppleCare and it will cost a fortune. Twice bitten...

      So I started using local screen repair shops. Had nothing but great luck. When I do a query on Yelp a dozen of them come up in my area with reviews.

      Some guy who visited SmugMug saw my cracked screen once and said he could fix it for me if I wanted. Huh? He went out in his car, brought some kit back with him, sat on a couch and I don't know, maybe 20 minutes later I had a new screen.

      So I checked out these kits that seem to be multiplying like rabbits on Amazon.

      And of course YouTube for the step-by-step:

      There's quite a lot of tutorials like that and they seem to get the views. Must be more people than just me. Was it just my imagination or did I see a repair place pop up in San Jose airport?

    • Well I don't have an XS Max like some fancy people I know but I checked Yelp and the vendors say they respond to quote requests in 10 minutes. So I copied and pasted your description into the what's wrong field they asked for and will let you know what they say.

      At the end of the process Yelp put this dialog in my face so I clicked the send requests button and will let you know what happens.

    • Don't think I can help. I've never cracked a phone screen 😎

      But what I do know is that in Malaysia at least, many people would rather use a phone with a cracked screen rather than pay for a repair. Perhaps an indication that screen repairs are way too costly?

    • I must know a half-dozen people here in the states who just put up with their cracked screens. I did for a year until bits of glass ended up in various places like the rug and my thumb.

      A close friend worked in materials on the iPhone team and remembers the day Steve came in and said "I'm sorry guys, I just can't get used to the plastic screens. It gets smudgy greasy and scratches with my car keys in my pocket."

      And they said "STEVE! NO!! Glass breaks, we can't get parts in time."

      So Steve went to his office and dialed the CEO of Corning Glass.

    • I do not think any smart phone has plastic screen, but could be wrong.

      Sorry I can't be more help otherwise, always had Android phones and not that expensive so as to be worth repairing; I love them and all the little apps, but my life doesn't revolve around the phone that much. Somehow I manage to keep them few years without serious drops (I mean I do drop them occasionally but happens either home on carpet, or I got lucky and they didn't hit cement facing down).

    • 😢

      I was just flat-out unlucky that day.

      What force does a ~180 gram cell phone from ~0.67 meters on a ~3mm surface have on that screen?

      I don't want to do the math (@apm rough estimate?) since it's the weekend, but it was enough to bust it!

    • Interesting. I'm gonna buy one and try it. They have some options, but I guess sapphire defense is the one to try? It says I can live fearlessly. 💪

    • Zagg is a Utah company. The last two times I’ve upgraded my phone, the guys at *Verizon* have not only recommended these screen shields, they have assumed I will buy the shield before they even tell me about the insurance options. They quote the price of the phone and add, “plus the cost of the screen shield” and they put it on the phone before they even hand the phone to me. They have applied so many, they are experts at it. In fact, I bet the Verizon guys are the best salesmen Zagg has. Hahahahaha.

    • That's been my experience with Verizon as well. They put it on the phone and they make sure I know to register the shield with Zagg.

    • I just checked the box for my latest Zagg shield for my phone, labeled "ultra clear". I suspect the variety doesn't matter (as long as it carries the normal Zagg warranty).

    • San Jose Airport has a dedicated booth to repairing cracked screens. I stopped by and asked how much it cost to replace iPhone X cracked screen - $249 and 15 minute wait. Not bad, but still expensive.