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    • The NCAA tourney bracket was released today. Anyone else fill out a bracket? Mine is in the photo below: “Nanjing Monkey Kings”, named after my favorite Chinese team.

      Final Four: #1 Gonzaga, #3 Texas, #2 Ohio State, and #1 Illinois. Gonzaga def. Illinois 79-73 in the final. Two surprises in the Sweet Sixteen: # 12 Georgetown; #7 Clemson.

    • I won’t give away the 10 tips right here. Watch the video for those!

      But, what I will say is your goal needs to be about having a bracket with high probability for success. Don’t get too upset/trigger happy. Remember that higher seeds usually advance.

      Key things to look for are how has the team done lately, how have they done against ranked opponents, and in general, have they shown they have the ability to make a deep run based on their strength of schedule and how they’ve competed against that schedule.