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    • Much as I enjoy Cake it is probably not the place to dump 7 or 8 years worth of crap I’ve posted on G+. I’ve had a flickr account for a long time but it became dormant with the advent of G+. Maybe time to revisit.

      Alternatively I could just post 7 or 8 years worth of crap here one at a time and never have to take a single photograph again muahahahahahaha... NOT!

      What are you all thinking of doing?

    • I am not a photographer (despite my efforts) but have been using for hosting all my pic's in the last decade and a half or so. Site is well setup to accept hosting and especially batch uploading, organizing, etc.. which this site is not. And they recently acquired flickr.

      My .02 cents

    • Hey Francis, I too am a long time Flickr vet, but Cake is not about the photo dump, it’s about the conversations sparked by an idea and the community of contributions to that idea, theme, interest, or topic. Right @Chris ?

    • I started posting on flickr a few years ago when I found out I could use my own images as a screensaver for the Apple TV. Basically anything that went on Google+ also went on flickr and I'll continue to do that.

      If you're just trying to consolidate, flickr would be a much more efficient way to do it since you have batch uploading.

    • ok, so I’ve apparently got 856 already loaded that leaves me with 144 left 🤔 . Scratch that idea I guess... I already pay for smugmug not sure I want to pay more for the pro version of flickr, do you know how much it is?

    • I missed that you already have a SmugMug account. If you're happy with it, that's probably the best thing unless you're looking for a possible replacement. A pro account costs $50/year but is 30% off until the end of the month, I think.

    • storage is not so much of a problem. I’m thinking more of the interactions you can get from a g+ or flickr and I’m a cheap bast*** who doesn’t want to pay anymore than i have to 😂