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    • I have a lot of faith in Elon, I have been a stockholder in TSLA since last June, so I'm quite happy with its performance.

      Space X's perfomance in launching and re-landing launch vehicles is quite impressive as well. If it were public, I would be an investor at a reasonable price, if offered.

      I look forward to seeing successful exploration of the red planet - whether done by bipedal humans or quadripedal or wheeled robots.

      I just think that Mars is gonna be a one way trip for a long time - kind of like Australia was in the 18th century.

    • Really interesting video, but Terraforming will/may be carried out over many human generations - literally hundreds or thousands of years.

      And creating a stable orbital magnetoshield is even further in the future I submit.

      Will the folks living on Mars still be typical Earth humans then??

      Interesting questions to ponder, but we won't know the answers in our lifetime I suspect.

    • I think any talk of humans actually colonizing Mars is nutty stuff. I'm not saying it's impossible for certain, but it just feels like something out of a science fiction movie.

      As for people walking on Mars like they did on the Moon, I think it's highly unlikely, but certainly within the realms of possibility.

    • Btw, I feel like telling those who say colonizing Mars could save humanity that we need to start with saving our Earth and taking better care of it. That's our best bet.