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    • I don’t agree. When I started Cake, Reddit was teetering in collapse and I went to have coffee with the former CEO, who basically got fired for banning some subreddits. All those people went to Voat, the argument went, which now had major traction.

      But Voat got so ugly over the years, it was shut down a couple weeks ago. When you deplatfirm someone vile like Alex Jones, you really cut down on their influence.

    • Yes it mean you can do exactly that. The typical liftie mentally; "if I'm not affected by censorship then it's ok". What if it was opposite? And if you are pro-censorship why not just move to China, North Korea etc?

    • Yes it mean you can do exactly that.

      Sure, yell "Fire" in a theatre all day long, if you think that this is the best thing to spend your time with. "Free speech" doesn't mean that there won't be any consequences for you, though.

      For what it's worth, "free speech" as defined by your first amendment doesn't even apply here.

    • To be fair, they could post about their cats, but not state affairs, in official positions. But there are enough proxies as it is already, to spew further damaging misinformation and pure hate incite so the pandora box cannot be closed. Damage is already done. Personally I have complete disregard about any 'official's messaging' being posted on social media. It's totally wrong, and lacks responsibility. That is in fact what attracts them to use it, there's no accountability for posting incendiary calls for agression on a 'paid by advertisement' quasi-free service.

    • disqus should cut services from any site that doesn't moderate its comments for threats of violence and incitement. Sites like thegatewaypundit are rife with these threats from extremists.

    • Governmental censorship is not the same as a person or a company deciding to not provide a service to someone.

      Are you opposed to landlords evicting someone for violating their lease?

      Are you opposed to a restaurant refusing to allow customers to come in without any shirt on?

      The first amendment does not give someone from a different religion than yours the right to enter the church building that you attend and preach anything that they want to preach in the name of "free speech."

      The freedom of speech ONLY refers to a governmental entity not being allowed to criminalize, penalize, or legislate against what a person wants to say.

      It does not mean that Fox News must allow AOC to come on their station Nor does it mean that Twitter must allow Trump to tweet on their platform.

      If you don't know what "freedom of speech" is, then how can you discuss it?

    • I really don’t see much accountability regardless of where they say it these days. They just find a news station that agrees with them or supports them even if they’re lying through their teeth and the station knows it.

    • The right wing site on which much advance promotion of the events of January 6th were made has imploded and gone offline, though it's mods have rebranded and relaunched it as

      Going to currently brings up this message:

      What happened to

      Since July 2019, I have personally owned domain. Once it seemed likely the subreddit would be banned, this domain was used by the mod team for a new community site. My role was domain owner and mod team member. The moderation team, user rules, site code and databases are controlled by two other team members. My hope was always that the domain and site assets would be put under a corporation, but that did not progress.

      Following the events of January 6th, 2021, it became clear media and law enforcement were attempting to dox and interview the domain owner (me) regarding the site and user content. Unfortunately, the mod team had been struggling for some time to address a flood of racist and violent content that appeared to be coming primarily from a small group of extremists who were often brigading from other sites. This had led to warnings from Epik (domain registrar) and inquiries from the FBI.

      Since mods are not permitted to speak with media and I wanted to proactively get ahead of it as the domain owner, I chose to leave moderation team to focus on defending myself, protecting my family, and providing proper context to what was happening on Despite my assurances they could continue to use the domain, the controlling mods moved the community to a new site without notification. The first post on unnecessarily and without provocation made my family a target of a childish harassment campaign. As I told many, I have no axe to grind. The moderation team is filled with America-loving patriots who volunteer to provide like-minded individuals a place to discuss issues that are heavily censored on almost all other social media platforms. 

      What is next for

      Eventually domain will morph into a new site at It will focus on the common patriotic causes that will again steer America to the wonderful future promised by our Founders and secured by the blood, treasure, fraternity, and faith of countless souls yearning for Freedom and Equality.

      - Free Markets & Individual Liberty, not burdensome regulations from a bloated federal government

      - The voice of the people, not of corporations and foreign lobbyists

      - Citizen politicians focused on American interests, not career politicians motivated by self-interest will feature content from America-first creators and friendly sites, as well as develop a funding platform to help support their work attracting and engaging Americans from all walks of life to participate in the political process, converse with people they may typically not, and provide perspectives in American exceptionalism that social media, news organizations, and politicians traditionally ignore.

      What can I do?

      Get involved with and support sites that provide a platform for America-First content and free-speech discussion, such as the (formerly, community, and @AdamCrigler or his YouTube Channel. Join me there as we continue to work to Make America Great Again. You can also email me at to get updates about or get involved with developing and maintaining

    • That message is a load of self serving bullshit. Especially this...

      Since mods are not permitted to speak with media

      He say in the message they weren't even incorporated (which is the height of stupidity because it means everything they did was personally liable). There is no way the mods could be legally restricted from speaking with anyone they wanted.