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    • The greatest thing about winning at the Creator Awards was meeting Victoria and the other people involved. The funds allowed us to go from making 20-30 Usee units at one time, to making THOUSANDS at a time. I increased my staff, and found really good people to help me with this mission. And very similarly to the National Geographic award, it added outside validation that it's real, that this system is real and has to work to help those 2.5 billion people in need. The encouragement I got from the folks at WeWork, the encouragement to work harder, and the fact that Adam and his team believed in me, that was pretty humbling. The experience of finding out I won - the word is overused, but it was surreal. We weren't told who was going to come out first, or in what order, but sitting in that booth backstage with Samantha Snabes, when we were the last two, we turned and looked to each other and guessed it was either her or me! We thought we were going to win something, and I was happy for her, but I really wanted to win the $1 million. So when we came out and found out we'd both won the $1 million prize, we were both floored. And I got to introduce my boys to LeVar Burton, which was great.