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    • Namibia was another opportunity to highlight how easy it was to distribute eyeglasses. I took my 2 sons with me for a few reasons; to get them to experience why I was so passionate about giving away eyeglasses, and to show people that a 15 year old and a 13 year old can be effective and efficient screeners and distributors of eyeglasses. We flew into Windhook, Namibia (the capital), and then we rented a safari vehicle with a tent on the roof, and we had this camper, and drove to schools, setting up vision screenings and distributing glasses to kids, teachers, parents - anyone who needed them. We were there 3.5 weeks. When we were bush camping, your "Spidey Senses" start tingling - at one point, we noticed a troop of baboons walking near where we were camped. Baboons can be pretty dangerous, and here I am with my two teenage sons, thinking how smart was it to do this? But people do this all the time, so I sent them to sleep with a shovel, and told them that if anyone started messing with the tent, if that thing doesn't respond to a verbal warning, you hit the side of the tent with the shovel! Nothing happened, the baboons steered clear of us, but we were miles from anywhere.