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    • Paraguay was an interesting place to visit. Paraguay has an indigenous population that values a nomadic lifestyle, and the rest of the population values a more conventional lifestyle where you own and farm a specific piece of land. The indigenous population has been given land, but is not able to roam all over the place as hunter-gatherers. They make enough for themselves, but money has no value for them (relatively), so they were having a difficult time fitting into society. So Fundacion Paraguay put on an event to help alleviate poverty in Paraguay, and they invited me to visit and showcase increasing access to eyeglasses as part of the sustainable development goals they are working on - equal access to education, healthcare, economic empowerment, gender equality, road safety, and overall quality of life.

      Poor vision affects every aspect of your life. For those with access, it is not a disability - if you need -13 eyeglasses here, it's relatively easy to get access to eyeglasses, and then you can drive a car, study or work. In Paraguay, where there is challenging access, you are legally blind with -13 vision. My main focus historically has been Africa, but I've been to Paraguay, Vietnam, and India, areas where there is a large need for vision for the population.

      I am still talking to Fundacion Paraguay trying to determine the best model to get the Usee glasses out. I did provide them with several "backpacks" of Usee kits to distribute. Each backpack includes everything you need, from lenses to frames to the Usee system, to outfit 500 people with durable custom eyeglasses (you can pledge to support a backpack on our website).