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    • Better notifications

      Sometimes I struggle to visually identify new notifications because they just blend with old notifications. There's no divider between new and old notifications, and the blue hue for new notifications is so subtle I sometimes have difficulty differentiating them from old notifications. So maybe a more apparent design element to better differentiate between old and new notifications? I'd also like to suggest that notifications from the same conversation are marked as read once the conversation is viewed.

      Improving notification is also on our long to-do list. I also would like to have a divider between new and old notifications. We also want to aggregate multiple notifications and mark as read notifications from the same conversation (at least for reaction notifications). All that is great feedback and thank you for bringing it up!

    • Multiple images in a post

      We've actually started to work adding an ability to upload multiple photos into a single post instead of embedding external links to images. Over the last couple of weeks we've made some progress. The design is ready, but the engineering piece turned out to be harder than we thought. I'll continue advocate for pushing this feature forward as it is something I desperately need for posting as well!

    • I still want dark mode. I pop in to see what is new here and after about 5 minutes the white burns my retinas.

      It may be more work to set that up then I know but it is brighter than most interfaces.

    • We assumed that if you are interested in an ongoing conversation you'll either follow it, or by posting in it, you'll be automatically notified.

      Having read this, it occurred to me that I'm not "following" individual conversations for the most part, and I wondered why. It might be caused by a simple UI issue:

      I'm currently reading your post, which is #2 in a conversation consisting of six posts. If your post convinced me of the conversation what do I do then? I can either scroll up to find the "Follow" button at the top of the page - or skip the remaining posts to find the "Follow" button at the bottom. Either way, I'm going to lose my current position in an ongoing thread. Alternatively, I could wait until I've reached the end of the conversation, and click "Follow" then. This is somewhat realistic in a short conversation like this, but less so in a longer one (where I either forget what to do, or don't have the time to read everything in one go). Overall, chances are that I'm not going to specifically follow a conversation even if there have been interesting posts.

      Regarding @JazliAziz' original point of "post bumps", the good thing about them is that they can bring conversations to our attention that we're not following yet, perhaps because we haven't seen them before. This is similar to the "Active" feed, but I feel there still might be a difference to old-school forums in that you saw reverse-chronologically sorted threads per section (~Cake topic) there, while Cake offers a one list for all your followed topics instead.

      At the same time, feeds for individual topics (like are somewhat hidden and seem to be sorted by their creation timestamp, not by the timestamp of last post(?). Maybe offering the user a better way to access individual topics they like, and giving them the option to sort existing conversations there in various ways, would be something that also solved this issue?