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    • Over the last 15 years I've been using a Blue Snowball Microphone for vlogging with a sound rig/booth that I cobbled together for voice overs.

      The problem with the Snowball and Mac input levels was it always needed maximum gain and required reading scripts quite loudly to work. So I recently upgraded to a new Rode NT-USB and it's brilliant.

      I spent some time tuning it in to my system to reduce my natural sibilance, but now I have to watch blowing it out and peaking - a much better problem than having to add loudness all the time.

      But the sound from the device is good. Recommended.

      Here's my latest bike test videos:

      Correction: this is with the Blue Snowball

    • It's amazing you posted this right now because I was literally up in the night deep ending on microphones. I've added a couple of candidates to my shopping cart in hopes of sorting out which to buy.

      I was going to start a conversation on upgrading a streaming game because now I do a streaming interview each week and I wanna sound and look good. I too have an old, yellowed Blue Snowball and the levels are too low.

      Your voice sounds great with the Rode. I wish I had a deep voice like that and an Ozzie (or South African) accent. Damn. How much post-processing on the recording do you do?

      How did you decide on the Rode? Looks like it's around $200 U.S.? It's in my cart as one of the most interesting choices. I've also been looking at the Shure SM7B. It's about twice the price.

    • Small world ... but I'd hate to mow it.

      Post production involved knocking down the high ends in the equaliser, maxing the de-esser and adding a 'Punchy Male voiceover' preset in the FCP sound compressor. It's all saved as a combined preset now - simple drag and drop into the clip on timeline.

      Unfortunately, advice-wise, my selection process wasn't very scientific. The NT-USB was on special at one of my favoured suppliers on Ebay - and it's the 4th Røde microphone or system I have bought.

      I have a set of 'Go' radio mics (Which are excellent for what you are doing) and two XLR bayonets for Canon Vidcams that are all also good. So it was a bit of a case of trusting in the brand for a price I was happy with - I paid $Au200 which is pretty cheap compared - we're at $0.65USD last time I looked.

      I like the way it has a built-in pop screen and gain and headphone volume controls. And workable levels.

      The sound booth also helps by cutting out the echo bouncing back from my glass workspace.

      No experience with the Shure brand, but it reviews well.

    • I know this might be considered a Zombie thread, but it is within my areas of interest. @Chris did you ever make a purchase? I have over designed my streaming setup and have been thinking about writing about it.