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    • Hmm, I think it just comes back to the point that everyone's different so it's EXTREMELY hard to navigate either way, right? I don't think there's any one safe way to approach every single person because we are all so different. I would say all anyone can do is try their best with good intentions and learn from each experience.

    • I honestly don't see why refraining from comments about physical appearance is such a big deal to some men.

      Personally, I find gendered comments about my appearance very private and intimate so when some dude I don't know says "you look hot" my instant reaction is, 1.eewwww 2. who the hell do you think you are, do I leave this situation safely. It's one thing to say "you look nice" as this can be said to either gender, to a child, to an old person. But whenever it's sexual, even in the slightest... yeah, nah. If we lived in a world of true equality where women weren't 90% of the victims of violence with 90% of men being perpetrators of said violence, perhaps we could have sexualized remarks anywhere and everywhere and it would be fun. But in the world as it is now?..