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    • Felicity, Evergreen,

      So much yes to both. I think about that a lot. The way society talks to little girls in comparison to little boys.

      EVEN the way women can sometimes talk about themselves.

      Over the weekend I was waiting on a group of women to show up in a limo for a 40 year old birthday party photoshoot. The group ended up being over an hour and a half late. We made it work, but what I was more interested in is the reasoning everyone kept giving:

      "Ohhhhhh you know how it is with girls, we can't be on time to anything."

      Almost every single women said this same thing. I never confronted or asked them why they were late, this just kept being brought to me. It had me thinking about a couple of things.

      First of all: these 40 year old women kept referring to themselves as girls and two... I am a woman and I was there 30 minutes early. I wasn't offended by this statement, more just fascinated at the way some of us have been trained to see ourselves. Sure, it was a cutsie way of saying "Hey, there were 30 of us trying to pile into one limo coming from all over the bay area, it took some time to collect everyone." Though instead it came out in a self deprecating statement, not only to themselves, but suggesting that women are "Girls who can never be on time to anything."

      Sexism is so engrained in us, that some even feel it towards themselves as women.

      In that moment I nervously giggled as I do.... but felt a bit of sadness.