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    • Although Colombia still has a certain stigma attached to it, it's a fantastic country to travel, either by motorcycle, 4x4 or backpacking. During the past few years, it has changed considerably, and at least for me, it's probably my favorite country in South America!

    • Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, wants nothing to do with the Escobar legacy now - and everything to do with business, finance, organic coffee, and tourism.

    • Medellin is clean, friendly, and safe; it's El Poblado neighborhood is perfect for digital nomads, and it's restaurant and coffee areas are full of young artists who are envisioning a different Colombia.

    • Mompox, on the other hand, feels like a place straight out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book. Sleepy and forgotten, quietly wiling away the hours in hot, muggy afternoons, Mompox feels frozen in time.

    • The only way to get to Mompox is by an ancient wooden barge on the Magdalena River. If you get the chance, read "The General in His Labyrinth" by Marquez about the last journey of Simon de Bolivar while you're on it...

    • I used to travel to Bogotá on business and I loved it. Our super friendly and gracious hosts would take us to the countryside and I thought it must be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

      📷: Trover

    • I visited the village of Guayraca, northeast of Santa Marta on the coast in the "five bays". At the west end of the beach lived Reynaldo, a former fisherman and full time graverobber. If you find yourself in the area, look him up. He is always good for a fascinating story and he will generously bestow on you a shard or two of Tiano pottery - he has tons and nobody wants it. But in a way, it is priceless. I guess you can't take it with you; but at least hold it in your hand and remember those people who are all gone now.

    • My wife and I resided on our sailboat at anchor in the bay between the beach highrises and the old residential community of Manga. We came and went through Club Nautico which has been rebuilt in recent years and perhaps has a modern look. But the facility is old and here is how it used to look when we were there VVV - I hope you have/had the chance to visit the Bazurto market in Cartagena! A feast for the senses.

    • Off road tracks are plentiful everywhere in Colombia, but check your speed: they are still actively used by all sorts of vehicles, so you never know what awaits around the corner - a bus, a chicken, a cow or a truck.

    • Riding off road, even in the more remote mountain regions, is perfectly safe in Colombia. There are some remnants of FARC that are still somewhat active, but they are hiding out deep in the jungle and the chance of running into them is almost zero.

      We linked up with many local Colombian adventure riders as we traveled and they all said, "we are so happy to finally discover our own country". This is the first time they could explore Colombia's more remote areas without fear.

    • Loved Cartagena. Good food, good coke, amazing people! We went to Mercado Bazurto, danced the champeta, and ate strange fruit.

      Gah, now I'm craving a mint smoothie. Thanks, Evergreen! :P

    • Welcome to Cake, baks. 😁 Oh, the dancing. Jeez. I'm a tall white American and they had me dancing until 3 in the morning. They can really party. And yes, the fruit! Giant grapes and star fruit were the best.

    • Hey Chris, thanks for making Cake! :D Never thought I'd be active on social media again. Cake gives me hope :)

      here, some ceviche for you...

    You've been invited!