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    • I love this story:

      Zimmerman's father claims that when his son was in his early teens, he was chatting with a friend on his computer, which then abruptly shut off. According to Zimmerman's father, he said that it had a smell of burnt wire and had a strange odour. Zimmerman started to dismantle his computer and happened to find a dead mouse. Zimmerman then became known as the "dead mouse guy" among friends. He tried to change his name to "Deadmouse" in an online chat room, but it was too long, so he shortened it to "Deadmau5". "Maus" is the German word for "mouse" and is pronounced the same as in English; the ending 5 instead of an 's' is a form of leet.

      I was never a true raver before it got mainstream but I remember buying my first electronic album by Deadmau5 and I totally got into it. Soon thereafter Vegas became home to the incredible Electric Daisy Carnival which usually nets about 400,000 over a 3-day weekend. I got a Sunday ticket off of Craiglist the first year it transitioned from Los Angeles to Vegas and I must was the most impressive concert production I have ever experienced. As an old dude, my goal and social media proclamation was I would be able to last until the last act at 6am....but, no way JOSE! They had three stages and I promised myself to budget my energy but within ten minutes at every stage I would be in the thick of the pit and imitating 4 of those gym cardio classes all at once. hahahah And, back then they held EDC mid June which is typically our hottest days of the year. I was just drinking water but still I limped back to my car about 3am completely spent.

      Now, all that music from back then is considered old and much of the new stuff I cannot keep up with. But, Deadmau5 recently did the soundtrack for POLAR and I thought this track DRAMA FREE was a good vibe but the video is way trippy.

    • I find it funny when music, or any form of art becomes considered "old", obsolete. Because art is timeless and there are many examples, novelty does not guarantee better quality. But as electronic music goes, it has generally improved allot over the years, and some artists put on quite a show!

      I love this one, it always makes me turn up the volume! Speaking of which...

    • Trippy video for sure. How do they even make something like that? Great sound. Thanks for turning me onto it. Can't get it out of my head now, but it's okay because I like.

    • Yea, I got it looping in my is sort of haunting and really basic but I am hooked for now....AND, I would not normally think the female singer was hawt, but, her presence has hooked me as well....crazy....

    • I remember when I heard this for the 1st time...I was like....hmmmm.....not sure I get it....and, now it is has (thank gawd) replaced Black Sabbath's chant in all sports stadiums...

    • The rise of that song in sports stadiums is perhaps the most amazing story in all of music. One song defines the guy who wrote it, on a lark. Then bootlegged versions appear he didn't like and tried to block, but they caught on. Then the chant version appeared and he just hated it, hired lawyers to block it, and it's the version that all the stadiums play.