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    • (I was going to add this to @Denise’s fantastic flower foto thread, but decided it might create a bit of topic drift...)

      I am volunteering to help establish a little foundation that will deliver small flower bouquets to local hospitals for patients who need a little “pick-me-up” (i.e. don’t get visitors, are far from home, can’t get outside, have long hospitalization times, etc.)

      One of the challenges is making the bouquets safe by using unbreakable containers. Hopefully, the containers will be returned for re-use, but there’s no telling whether that will happen. (The bouquets will be delivered to the hospital volunteer coordinator who will relay them to nurses in the units that will likely have patients who could use these “pick-me-ups.” HIPAA prevents the hospital from identifying these patients to volunteers for the purpose of delivering the bouquets.)

      The hospital has asked that the bouquets not be too big, so small bouquets that fit on the corner of a hospital tray is the goal.

      Here is one of the products under consideration: a flat, re-usable, inexpensive, small plastic vase.

    • I wondered if they would actually hold flowers without tumbling over. They seem to work great. I trimmed the top so the vase is shorter.

    • Thanks for posting the photo of the vase in use. It looks flat in the first post and I was about to ask if it opened up to stand when I saw the bouquet, very cool!

      It would be interesting to know if any of these are re-used.

    • They might have better luck with vase returns if they use something more conventional. A small plastic slanted (so the flowers are more visible to a patient in bed?) vase like this might work, too.

      (I don’t know why I’ve gotten caught up in these detailed logistics—haha. I like practical challenges like this, I guess. 🙃)

    • Looks like essentially the same product. The newscaster’s samples are much bigger, though.

      Hmmm. PVC allergies might be a consideration. There are concerns about flower allergies, too, I guess... So many things to consider—we are finding out jumping through all the bureaucratic hoops in order to do little acts of kindness these days can be rather challenging!