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    • @StephenL

      Well, I finally got my response finished, but it turned into an actual post rather than a reply on here. You can see it here.

      In short, I personally have not had a good experience with changing jobs. My feeling and advice after my own experience is to only change jobs if things are really bad at your current place or if you definitelly know that things will be better at the new place.

      Not to discourage you from making a change, but my personal feeling is it's better to stick with the devil you know rather than change to the devil you don't know.

    • Been with my company over 30 years. Small aerospace firm. Revolving door of new contracts and new challenges. The company encourages us to move around and experience different teams, technologies and customers. We have turnover but close to 50% end up coming back.
      Along the way I had a health crisis and the company stepped up and got me through it. Their loyalty to me has prompted my loyalty to them.
      But, I’ll always wonder “What if...?”