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    • A bit of a soggy dog story here: last summer we met a woman with a babe in arms out on a trail in Alberta's Willmore Wilderness. She was looking for a dog named Tully. Tully got separated in an electical storm from a horse outfit that was going into the Willmore for a multi-day trip the day before.
      On spec she came to the trailhead to see if Tully had returned, but with babe & all, she had to get back to Grand Cache, the nearest town & deal with the everyday of life. To complicate matters there was a black bear sow with two cubs in the neighbourhood. A bit later my wife & I encountered the cubs but did not see the sow, though I am guessing she saw us.
      We told her we were going in a little bit on the trail & would keep an eye out for Tully. And gosh there an hour later we met Tully, a bit bedraggled & very wet, though cheerful. And we took her back to the young woman in town who said she would look after her until she could be reunited with her human.

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