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    • We are riding south today in Southern Ecuador not far from the Peru border and we pass thru a small town called Villabamba, a very popular place for people to retire with a good cost of living and a great climate.

      I'm riding admiring the view and @Evergreen comes across the intercom riding her bike behind me and says, "did you know horses have belly buttons?"


      "Horses have bellybuttons"

      "Why would you say that?"


      "Ok, I'll bite, what does that have to do with"

      "Vilcabamba in Lithuanian means wolfs bellybutton, it's so closely spelt to Villabamba it just made me giggle, and for some reason think of a horses belly button."

      For the next half hour we talked about animals and if or if not they had bellybuttons and tonight we found out dogs do indeed have belly buttons, so does that mean wolves do too.

      So, do you know which animals have bellybuttons? Or every have weird conversations on a road trip because a town name made you think of something very obscure?

    • All placental mammals will have a belly button; some will be hard to find because of hair, but they're there. 🙂