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    • a minute ago

      What PLACE? How on EARTH can anyone pick just one place to be grateful for? Oh, I suppose many people would choose home, that makes sense. I'm not normal that way though. :) I mean don't get me wrong, home is great but I would be happy not having a permanent residence anywhere. I'm much more of the home is where you are, where the heart is if you will.

      So my choice for the place I'm most grateful for is HERE. Here in the house, here in the woods, here in the mountains, here on the hiking trail, here in the backyard, here at a concert, here on this planet (although I always wanted to be an astronaut), & there. Sometimes there is where I'm grateful for.

    • Stanford. My mother, who was mentally ill and desperately poor, always dreamed that I would get to go to a fine university like she did. It was the one thing she asked from her divorce agreement with dad.

      It was a harrowing route to Stanford for me because my freshman year at UC Santa Barbara, they let me go after I repeatedly failed English 1A. It was crushing both for mom and me.

      In a story too long to tell here, meeting a few angels along the way, I got into Stanford as a grad student. I swore that I would love every minute there more than any student who attended the previous century. And that I would bend down and kiss the earth each time I walk on campus.

      It's beautiful. It has spawned so many innovations and helped so many people. It's my favorite place ever.

    • There is a hot springs next to the Ohanapecosh river. It used to be a resort in the way back.

      One day I was hiking along early in the morning next to the river and I saw some steam combing out of this beautiful pool of water. Huge boulders the size of cars were bordering the pool but not enough to obstruct the view of the Ohanapecosh river rushing by.

      What could this be? I had never seen anything like it. At the time I spotted it I had never been in a jacuzzi let alone a natural hot spring. I put my hand in it. I put my foot in it. It was glorious and warm. The rocks were covered in green moss. The trees were overhanging and making it a private place with little yellow and blue flowers growing from the springtime moss.

      Off came my clothes. In I went. It was deep enough to soak my entire body in it. But hot enough to need a cool down in the icy river flowing by. So ten minutes of soak, a body shocking dip in river and back to the natural God giving warmth and beauty of the water surrounded by natures way of holding it all in.

      That day my favorite place on earth.