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    • In the middle of a road trip and I finally got to listen to the full album Mettavolution in one sitting. Really good stuff. The last song is 16 minutes long so I’m still undecided whether the length made it a lesser favorite, but definitely an album worth getting.

      Okay, what artist and album do you recommend I listen to next?

    • "And now for something completely different."

      I've had Modern Blues by the Waterboys on high rotation lately.

      I always rated 'Whole of the Moon' as the best 'total' Pop song ever: Music, lyric, clip, effects.
      So I've been on board with them since the 80's.

      Their 2015 album is not in that class but I like some of Mike Scott's messages and stories as road songs.

    • I like those - hadn't heard the 2015 album before, but it sounds solid. I recently got their 2017 album Out of All This Blue, which is a double album - kind of a mixed bag. I'm not sure Mike Scott has grown much over the years - he's still writing songs about being someone's boyfriend, and this batch, at least, doesn't have the poignancy of his 80's and 90's material - turns out that was the Sea.