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    • I've been listening to Sessions II by Tangerine Dream - ambient electronic music. I enjoy writing to it. These Sessions albums are made of live, improvised recordings, which actually hearken back to TDs roots in the '70s when all their concerts were improvised live. There are no original members left in the lineup, but I like how this next generation has recaptured the spirit of the early group.

      Also on the turntable is Ottawa's Souljazz Orchestra's Rising Sun, one of their earlier and more jazzy efforts.

      And Patrick Watson's Adventures in Your Own Back Yard from 2012 - I love the spaghetti-western-cabaret vibe and big cinematic arrangements. This feels like a full album - a vinyl storybook - not just a collection of songs. From the Allmusic review: "The digital age has not been kind to the LP, especially one that requires such patience, but listeners willing to devote an hour -- rather than a rushed five-minute scan of the first 30 seconds of each cut -- to this unassuming little gem will likely want to revisit it again and again."

    • Roadkill by Entertainment for the braindead is the last one I listen to as a album.
      Ignore the name because it nothing like what it sounds.
      Blissful tranquil ambient Sonic landscapes is how describe her music.

    • OMG. I never do playlists, radios and similar algorithmic music selections, I listen to albums almost exclusively. I still consider the album to be the complete musical statement. A single is just a slice, a mere taste of the whole thing. If I like a song, I'll spin the whole album. If it holds up, into rotation it goes. If that song is the only standout with rest made up of fillers, I pass.

      I like your style, @jpop. This exactly how I listen to music. And your selections seem pretty much inline with what I listen to.

      The last album I listened to was

      Prior albums yesterday were

      It's been a few days since I listened to it, but I recently bought

      and I love it. It's sad they won't be able do make another album, since Alias had a fatal heart attack last year.

      And the next album will likely be this one, since it's set to be delivered today.

    • In the middle of a road trip and I finally got to listen to the full album Mettavolution in one sitting. Really good stuff. The last song is 16 minutes long so I’m still undecided whether the length made it a lesser favorite, but definitely an album worth getting.

      Okay, what artist and album do you recommend I listen to next?

    • "And now for something completely different."

      I've had Modern Blues by the Waterboys on high rotation lately.

      I always rated 'Whole of the Moon' as the best 'total' Pop song ever: Music, lyric, clip, effects.
      So I've been on board with them since the 80's.

      Their 2015 album is not in that class but I like some of Mike Scott's messages and stories as road songs.

    • I like those - hadn't heard the 2015 album before, but it sounds solid. I recently got their 2017 album Out of All This Blue, which is a double album - kind of a mixed bag. I'm not sure Mike Scott has grown much over the years - he's still writing songs about being someone's boyfriend, and this batch, at least, doesn't have the poignancy of his 80's and 90's material - turns out that was the Sea.