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    • So good! "Anything can become your magic carpet." Kristina mentions her art stems from her imagination as a counter to where she grew up "in the gray, dull suburbs of Moscow." That is such an inspirational message for so many people. Art Wolfe was one of the few Western photographers to travel to Lake Baikal in the early 90s at a time when the Soviet Union was struggling and there were widespread food shortages and people were very harsh to him. Still, he managed to bring out the magic of the place and this is how transformation begins!

    • Even though the photographs are not my cup of tea, the film is very well done! It’s wonderful to hear her own voice solely throughout, and to see how unique her vision is in a first-hand way rather than having some narrator categorize her work and thereby de-personalize it.

      Really a wonderful film about an artist’s vision in the artist’s own words and work. Bravo!