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    • bstrong

      I absolutely love it. Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Porsche. I once owned a Cayman S and someday would like to own a proper 911.

      I just love the design language of Porsches. They are truly timeless. The only complaint I have with the Macan is the aggressively sporty roof line. It makes for an absolutely gorgeous side profile, but it doesn't leave much head-room for the rear passengers.

      Off topic, but OMG the Taycan. Sorry Tesla. 😍

    • vegasphotog

      Not sure why this blue is trending...but, the new Audi Q3 is getting some good reviews. I am with you though....I have always wanted to own some sort of Porsche....Those Cayman's look perfect even though I could never justify a "sports car". As a hard-core station wagon guy, the Porsche Panamera sorta gives me feelings "down there".

    • vegasphotog

      It is a cool color and probably does having staying power....I still remember a baby blue Fiat convertible my mom owned when we first moved to Cupertino from Denver in 1962.

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