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    • The intersection of video games and sports is timeless (as far as video games go back). Some of the first video games ever were sports related. Pong was basically tennis.

      My favorite sports video game ever is NHL 94 for Sega Genesis. It was the first game, for me at least, where I noticed physics in any practical sense when it came to gameplay. Your player would slide across the ice ever so slightly when you missed your target. I'm sure this was just a few lines of code, but it made every pass, every cross check, every goal feel so right.

      I actually have so many other sports video games I want to talk about, but before I dive in, I'm curious: what are your favorite sports video game experiences?

    • Chessmaster: The Art of Learning for Sony PSP.

      I spent countless hours going through the training modules. And when I played the matches it felt incredibly life-like, as if I was moving the pieces across a chess board in real life.

      You aren’t going to tell me that Chess isn’t a sport?


    • I've played so many over the years, but I think the sports games I've derived the most total enjoyment from were Tennis, Baseball, and Golf for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

      My parents bought Game Boys for my siblings and me in 1991 to keep us occupied on the long flight during our move from Japan back to the US (remember that, @Rusty and @Anythiene?). It was the height of extravagance for us, and a complete surprise — it hadn't even occurred to me to beg for a Game Boy because I didn't think there was any chance I'd get one. Thanks Mom (@Geek2Nurse)!

      I spent countless hours playing Tennis, Baseball, and Golf on that Game Boy. They were super simple games, but endless fun.

      It turns out you can play Tennis and Golf online in your browser now! I'm not entirely sure it's legal, but it sure brought back memories. They're still just as much fun as I remember. 😄

    • Another game I loved, and still love playing on my computer to this day, is RBI Baseball for NES. It’s such a simple, but kind of hard and fun game. Very addictive too! You end up noticing that they didn’t get the MLB Players Association or team licensing so you get the teams and players are “close” but kind of vague.