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    • I think this is why productivity studies often show that procrastinators (that's me) have surprisingly high productivity.

      I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I am exactly the opposite. In fact, I’ve always prided myself on getting stuff done way in advance of the deadline. I also get stuff done right away because I’m worried that I’ll forget otherwise.

      But here’s the thing: I am super organized with to do lists, checklists and schedules that the odds are infinitesimal that something important would go undone.

      Where do I sign up for the class on Procrastination? And how late should I be to the class?

    • Chris that Matrix is also one I use particularly when things get a bit hectic at work I drag that one out as part of a weekly schedule I'll do, But only when things start to get a little out of control. As part of that schedule you actually start to plan for interruptions and schedule some time each day for time you will be interrupted (It happens to everyone so why not allocate time to it) By doing this you then start to have a realistic idea of how many productive hours you actually have available instead of the theoretic hours the clock says you have, when you start to schedule in this way you will be getting closer to a realistic time frame for tasks, The tasks can be prioritise in the four quadrants you've shown. You list your available hours, then list all your pre-booked hours certain meetings interruptions etc. which then leaves the actual hours you have left in the week to do tasks, surprisingly depending on your schedule you may find you have very little hours to actually do work. You then list your tasks allocate time and a priority to them based on the matrix then assign tasks to half hour blocks in a weekly schedule and you will start to regain control of your week. I usually only bring this out when things start to go pair shaped, but so far it’s always works, and really should be carried out every week, but like everyone one else once the crisis is over you revert back to type.  Again I have this one in a spreadsheet and its pretty much automated so doesn’t take that much time once your use to it.