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    • Where do I sign up for the class on Procrastination? And how late should I be to the class?

      When I was in college, a speaker I admired told the possibly true story of Andrew Carnegie, lists and priorities. It had a huge impact on me and I've tried to live it ever since.

      The way I remember it is he had too much to do as Carnegie Steel got big. He obsessively kept lists but the consultant Ivy Lee told him to circle the #1, 2 & 3 thing on his list, forget the other 97 and do #1 to completion, then #2, then #3. The idea was you can't do everything anyway, so at least you can do the most important things. And if the others are really important, someone will do them or they will bubble up.

      My wife has a love/hate relationship with this because she often ends up doing many of the other 90-something. But that's what she loves because she likes to check easier things off in greater numbers.