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    • Yes PDCA came out of the same sort of process thinking that OODA did.

      The big difference is the intended linchpin of OODA is the action. Everything is intended to drive the action. PDCA is intended to drive the adjustment. Which is not bad, let me state up front, but it definitely puts the focus on a different type of getting things done.

      OODA is what you do if you're looking at a system and trying to figure out how to beat an opponent's system. PDCA is what you do when you're trying to beat your own system. Knowing the difference and went to teach and why you might want to use either one is a little bit of management theory that doesn't get taught nearly as much as it needs to.

      Lots of "hot right now" fads, a few "long-term effective" strategies, and not so much in the way of understanding the ebb and flow of the environment and adjusting outside of a fairly strict process.