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    • There are some critics out there who are sneering and saying that e-bikes are cheating compared to purely human machines.

      But there are some powerful benefits to e-bikes.

      So, how about some positives for e-bikes that are showing up.

      E-bike riders often cover longer distances than pedal-only. That means it is more likely they can replace car trips. And the longer distances mean they do pedal longer which can mean more of a workout.

      Sedentary folks are getting benefits because they are more likely to use the e-bikes than standard bikes. And their oxygen levels are high as they do so, making them healthier.

      Exercising at the same intensity can feel like it is less physically taxing on an e-bike.

      E-bikes can help with excuses that folks use to not exercise: distances too far, hills, and they don't want to arrive sweaty.

      Some people are finding they would rather use the e-bikes than commute by car.

      The point isn’t what you’re riding, it’s that you got out at all. Maybe the next time you grab your car keys, ask yourself: Why do I need to use the car for this trip? What are the obstacles to doing it by bike, and would an e-bike help solve those issues? Maybe the real cheating is that alluring, lazy excuse we all give ourselves: it’s easier to go by car. 

    • Re: Cheating. You keep tellin' everyone that Ma, sooner or later someone will believe you. :-P

      Re: Benefits. I entirely agree that the idea of getting someone on one rather than no bike/exercise at all is very good.

      If I had a short commute to regular work I'd get one for sure.

    • My last bicycle ride was cca 1980 on a Sputnik which I loved at the time. Mine was blue.

      Now after a life of abusing my body, and wanting to get into bicycles again, I need as much help I can get. There's nothing wrong with using this new electric assisted technology, it's not like using it to win races. It can be turned off and used as a normal bicycle too, what's not to like?

    • Yep, my commute is something like 3 miles, so an e-bike would definitely be an overkill, muscle power is more than enough for that. But if I had to cover three times as much, I would definitely be getting one.

    • I ride an e-bike for my 4.5mi commute. Could I do it on a regular bike? In theory, but I didn't. The e-bike saves me from arriving sweaty in the summer or winter. It turns a 25 minute ride into a 17 minute breeze. It also allows me to ride closer to the speed of traffic, which makes me feel much safer. After nearly 2 years of commuting year round on an e-bike, I could not recommend it highly enough. I actually LOOK FORWARD to my morning and evening commute!