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    • Very nifty, I love this, thanks so much for sharing @mbravo! The "How Much Significance Should We Ascribe To Spiritual Experiences?" has some perfect info in the "Good Friday Experiment" that I was looking for to give to the author of a book I'm editing. I now need to find another few hours in this day, lol.

    • For me reading the piece on consciousness was most interesting. And to sum it all up, they failed to define "consciousness" however successful they may have been in segregating it's levels between creatures. So imagine living a life with no emotions, perceptions and all being as they are.

      Maybe say in a machine like cold voice: Oops here is a flower. It is yellow. The sky has 43 clouds distributed towards the horizon, and the sun rays diffraction phenomena creates imperfect and unstable perceptions of colors, be aware to avoid any decision making based on this information. The bird is making such a loud noise which prevents our brain from idling in a low power state. These animals named dogs behave weird, they try to climb onto our feet... There are many creatures like me but they are not all behaving according to the most efficient logic algorithms. They must all be imperfect and need to be upgraded.