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    • Just started to dabble in the astrophotography hobby. This moon taken with a Panasonic Lumix G9 and Panasonic 100-300mm zoom. Stacked 26 images via Registax 6 software and then edited with Affinity Photo software.

      All in all a very satisfying outcome. I'm well used to the camera side of the process but the stacking software and editing to draw out the detail is in the realms of educated guess work. This image was the result of an impromptu session really (less than an hour) with the software edit taking another couple of hours.

      Ill be working towards using a pre owned Nikon D610 full frame camera as my main image capture tool in the future though. The gear choice as to which telescope/mount to attach this too is head-spinning, fun and daunting in equal measure.

    • Wow, Graham, that's actually astonishing to me. 😳 I have tried to shoot the moon many times with my various cameras and never produced anything even close to this. I mostly just shrugged it off as being at sea level without a telescope and the kind of mount that follows the moon as the earth rotates, etc. I had no idea you could do this with equipment mere mortals could own.

      Did you have an exceptionally clear night? What zoom level did you use? 300mm? So that's like 600mm on a full-frame dslr? It sounds like Registax was key to producing the image. What did a single frame look like? (I'm guessing it looked like my single frame shots of the moon, nothing like this.)

    • Hi Chris, glad you liked my image.

      I'd say it was a good+ night but not an exceptional night. I live within a spit of the sea with a low light pollution surroundings (not a dark sky site). You're spot on with the lens focal equivalent of 600mm@f5.6 the Panasonic Lumix G9 camera is a 4/3 sensor.

      Registax 6 software looks to be awesome software this was my result from first time use. I used the raw files from 26 images captured by the in camera interval function then loaded the resultant Registax stacked image into Affinity Photo software and edited to taste.

      The image below was the one I took into Affinity Photo to start my edit with. I didn't use dark frames etc either just the straight raw files of the interval function.

    • Great shot and I love the edit.

      I'm a die hard lightroom and photoshop user, but generally I avoid focus and exposure stacking because it's pretty clunking trying to edit in photoshop. What's the expirience like editing image stacks in Affinity?

    • Thank you, Just to be clear it's not my first try for a photo of the moon, just my first try with the gear and software mentioned. I have tried a couple of times before but tbh they were the low side of meh! :)

    • Well, even if it's your millionth try, its a great photo. I hope you're proud of it, because you should be