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    • It has been a while since I saw much on the environment so I decided to start a new Cake conversation.

      That is from a British publication so some of the information won't be applicable or might be a bit confusing.

      Some tips that caught my eye:

      Encourage bees
      Honeybees visit only one type of flower in any one foraging trip, says Sarah Wyndham Lewis, author of Planting For Honeybees: The Grower’s Guide To Creating A Buzz. “This is called ‘flower fidelity’ and is what makes them such effective pollinators. So plant large clumps or ‘drifts’ of single species and optimise each of the bees’ trips.” Think swathes of catmint, field scabious and hyssop. “March to September are the key months for honeybees – they will fly whenever the temperature is above 10C, even in winter, so early- and late-flowering plants are especially valuable,” she says.

      I love bees but had no idea about "flower fidelity" so I will be taking a look at my yard for ways to help.

      Shop in person – and alone
      That said, shopping in person – especially if you walk there – is usually greener than online. Clothes shipped across the world have a significant carbon footprint, and often come packaged in plastic. You are also less likely to return things you have tried on.

      It can help to ditch your friends. “When you ask a friend if you should buy something, you already know the answer will be yes,” writes Lauren Bravo in How To Break Up With Fast Fashion (Headline, £12.99). “It’s an unwritten rule of sisterhood.” Think of it as the new version of not going supermarket shopping when you’re hungry.

      And I am going to try to do less shopping online period unless I really need something! It is too easy to click and buy from my computer.

    • I took issue with their recommendation to wash your clothes less often and instead to do “spot-cleaning, and neutralising smells with a spritz of diluted vodka or lemon juice.“

      I did, however, appreciate this factoid on cleaning the air at home:

      Certain plants are best for certain rooms: “Mother-in-law’s tongue gives off oxygen at night, which makes it best suited to the bedroom.”