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    • MMY

      Funny you mention the sad eyes. I have a crazy little mutt that is possibly part Border Collie - she has the white-tipped tail, speckley toes, and she absolutely behaves like a herder. We always comment on how she has a "sad face" even when she's not in one of her neurotic moods. Our other mutt looks and behaves like a shrunken Golden Retriever, and he has a "happy face." It does seem to be the eyes. This is one of the happiest-looking photos we've ever gotten of the neurotic one. Husband took it after a hike. Names, for the record: Soda Pop (left) and Healey (right).

    • This dog is not mine. We met him Friday at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. It's his 8th year at the festival; he comes down from Arcata with his Mom every year. His name is Hey Dude. Five whole pounds of cuteness.

    • Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Shady 2 weeks ago.

      While he was fairly old at 13 it was still unexpected as he was a bouncy happy dog but he went rapidly downhill over 2 days and scans revealed there was nothing that could be done.

      Our house is now very quiet and arriving home from work just isn't the same.

    • This is belle, currently with us. One of the many dogs that we've had and and sadly lost over our life time. She is a Jack Russell breed, flighty and nervy but we love her dearly. We watch her like a hawk in our summers after losing two Jack Russells a few years ago to snake bite within two months of each other. Can't blame the snake though, they are notorious hunters and attack snakes with no caution. The two of them spurred each other on.😥

    • So so cute 😍

      Allie is now 1 year 2 months. It's crazy how fast time flies and how fast puppies become adults. I'm trying to embrace the short life she'll have compared to us humans, and take her with me everywhere I can.

      Since she's strong enough to carry her own stuff now, I took her backpacking the other day.

    • Allie's first time in snow. She's in a perpetual gallop nowadays. Border collies just don't slow down.

    • This is Elvis. He only has 3 teeth left, so sometimes his tongue sticks out. That’s ok though since he’s pretty cute.

    • Oslo isn’t ours but he lives with us whenever his family is away, which is often (like all this week). He gets lots of love.