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    • So, maybe my personal goal is to experience One Million Unique Life Experiences that have enough stick-um to complete my final portrait once my human container is reduced to dust. Long time fan of Jon Krakauer's writings, I had a man-crush on him when he first published his teaser story of Into The Wild in Outside Magazine (is that rag still around?) and ultimately published it in a book. I was so bummed when I missed his book signing in Salt Lake City in the mid-1990's. THEN, when the movie came out and Eddie Vedder dropped the soundtrack, the scene that revealed the magic of Slab City blew my mind. Hollywood at it's best, I knew I would have to visit someday.

      Christmas Eve, I tried, and got rained out and it was the roadtrip from hell. But, like dog with a chew toy, I rarely give up. On this additional new experience of doing dental work in Mexico, the time was right to make my trip Slab City from Yuma, Arizona as I wait for my final crowns to be ready.

      For any of you not familiar with this American footnote,

    • I have always had my own rebellious streak, and even though you could discern some quick drug deals going down off the side roads, it would be easy for me to discount most of these folks as mostly uneducated idealists, or junk hoarders, or ........but, what the hell? Out in the middle of nowhere and it is 120 degrees and you are copping some crystal meth.....more power to ya.....does not sound like my idea of a good time and this place is so remote for the right individual it is "their destiny". My destiny was to see it and now that box is checked. LOL

    • Have any of you visited and shot this place before? Part of me respects the free flowing canvas, but, the other part of me sees this as a glorification of hoarding as best represented in Las Vegas by one of the great self-promoters Lonne Hammergren as I did a write up on him HERE. Not trying to self-promote but it does give a quick snapshot into the same mentality. Up to a few years ago, Lonnie was somewhat glorified until recently he needed to file for personal bankruptcy thus his genius could not be considered hoarding and maybe he needs to end up in Slab City. LOL

    • I have a photo of a tree full of shoes - I shot it years ago in Montana I think, I'l have to see it I can find it/ LR database to the rescue. Rats, no joy, can't find it

    • I've been to Slab City, but sadly I can't find the photos I shot there. Later in the day after we saw Slab City, we went to the near by Salton Sea. The whole Imperial Valley where both places are located is so strange. It was once a paradise-like lake with resorts, but now an abandoned wasteland. The lake shouldn't be there. Humans accidentally created it when they re-routed Colorado river.

    • cool shots....yea, I had wanted to pop over to the Salton Sea but ran outa time. Someone told me of the history of SS and, yes, another government decision gone awry. LOL