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    • I am more of a dog person than a cat person. But I am curious about cats....

      There are videos in the article that show the actual footage. Very interesting to see the interaction between cats which is rarely seen when humans are around.

      "Q: Did the videos reveal any surprises?

      A: Cats are seen as relatively lazy, especially compared to dogs. But we saw that when they were outside, they became superalert. They scanned their surroundings, sometimes for a half-hour or more on end. And even though cats are highly territorial, they didn’t always fight with other cats they encountered. Often, they just sat a couple of meters away from each other for up to a half an hour. They may have been sizing each other up. Sometimes they would engage in a greeting, briefly touching noses.

      When they were in their homes, the cats spent a lot of time following their humans around. They liked to be in the same room. A lot of my students were surprised at how attached cats were to people."

      Anybody planning to put a camera on their cat to let us know what their cat does?

    • I feel like cats have such interesting lives and wide territories they patrol (*at least, outside cats do! I'm a big believer in keeping cats inside, however).