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    • Every now and then a politician comes along in either party with something special. For some people it was McCain or Reagan, for some it was Bill Clinton or Obama.

      I heard Preet Bharara's podcast with Buttigieg and my first thought was who? But as the interview unfolded it was clear this is someone with gifts. Whether he would make a good president someday is a very big question I can't answer, but he's articulate, smart, knowledgable, and hard to dislike.

      He's from the midwest, is a very popular mayor who made great strides in revitalizing a mid-sized city, he has a great education, he deployed to Afghanistan, he speaks 7 languages including some hard ones like Arabic and Norwegian. (I think I heard Spanish and Dari too?)

      I went digging for more interviews and this one is as representative as any:

      Anyone else like him? (Picture from CNN)

    • New York City's $1.5 trillion GDP places it among the world's twenty largest economies, just a tick under those of Spain and Canada. Los Angeles' $928 billion GDP is bit smaller than Australia's, with $1.1 trillion. ... Paris, with $819 billion in GDP, has a bigger economy than South Africa, $726 billion.


      Politics aside, I feel that he needs to first cut his teeth as a governor, Senator or House Rep. The mayor of New York City, for example, deals with issues of international trade and global issues on a regular basis, such as adopting the principles of the Paris Agreement that the US refused to ratify.

      Dealing with zoos and snow emergencies in South Bend is not comparable, imho.

    • What about the argument that we've seen enough of the underbelly of NY politics now and what the nation really needs is not billionaire coastal elites but someone with midwestern values who understands how to take mid-sized struggling communities there and give them life?

      If you answer someone like Biden with great experience and an understanding of the working class and international affairs, fair enough. But how about complimenting the ticket with someone young so we have a generational bridge?

    • I tracked down The NY Times Op-Ed from 2016, which didn’t say much more on Buttigieg than what was in his Wikipedia entry. However, it did mention this Ted Talk, which I will take a look at tomorrow.


    • The more I see and hear of him the more brilliant I think he is. I imagine his 3 years at McKinsey & Company working on energy and economic development influenced his approach to revitalizing South Bend.

      Great find with this talk. What a sensible approach to economic development of a city.

    • He's impressive in many ways but he is competing with people with far more name recognition and national organization. Of course, that's what was said about Obama in 2007. Even if he doesn't make the ticket this time, I expect we'll be hearing more from him in the future.

      Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin had some nice things to say about him today:

    • I did listen to his talk. And what struck me is that nowhere did he mention all the new jobs he created.

      A data center is great for bringing in tax revenues to the city, but how does such an innovation help the residents without a degree (70% of Americans did not graduate from a four year university)?

      The problem with tech industries is that the training and education bar is much higher and the number of jobs available is one-tenth or less than the jobs that were there before.

      Have him run for governor and create an economic miracle for Indiana. Then I’ll believe that he has ideas that are scalable.

      (Photo source: Wikipedia)

    • I think he’s well aware that he’s not ready for the presidency yet, but putting his name in the hat gives him the exposure he needs to seek a higher office. He’ll get the necessary experience and then make a real run at the presidency in 4-8 years.

    • Another article about Pete Buttigieg...his is a very interesting background.

      I watched him on TV and was so impressed. His ideas just made so much sense. And he did not seem as ego driven as most politicians. He just seemed like a pleasant down to earth person which is like a breath of fresh air in politics.

      If not 2020 then maybe the next time?

    • Brilliant!

      A completely different approach from those happening in Trumpland these days. Apparently, there are a lot of FAKE fundraisers (ha- “fake!” I love it!) getting “donations” as they use the Trump name and vibrato to get people to send them money. Trump’s campaign is trying to sue them, as is the RNC, but many are not actually doing anything illegal—just invoking various close versions of Trump’s rhetoric.