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    • Okay, sorry for the delay in reading the article. I think I take a much more cynical view of politician’s willingness to enact safeguards like these that would diminish their power as well.

      Wish lists include tightening campaign-finance rules, giving teeth to oversight rules that Trump has flouted, ... and tightening laws requiring candidates to disclose their financial records.

      In addition, the charitable tax-exempt status of the think tanks, foundations and religious institutions peddling Trump’s line and abetting his rise should be carefully reviewed.

      George W. Bush benefited from many of these weaknesses in oversight and unchecked influence by interest groups. The Religious Right played a significant part in Bush’s election and re-election so is it realistic to think there would be bipartisan support for restricting religious institutions’ influence on politics?

      Curious as to your views as far as what reforms are realistic under a Biden administration. Tagging @mbravo as well for his input: perhaps preventing another Trump warrants my voting for Biden? Maybe.