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    • I was out on Saturday enjoying the United Way’s Rock the Block Celebration. I noticed this pretty dog that didn’t like the attention it was getting. The dog look terrified. I named this piece “I’m Not Really a People Dog; I’m Scared”.

    • I feel like all too often people bring dogs to really crowded areas out of selfishness or just ignorance. I'm sure some dogs soak up all the attention and all the people. But I'm willing to bet a good deal of them are highly over stimulated and would be much better left at home.

    • I've stared at your photo for awhile wondering what makes it so moving. Is it because I love dogs so much? The way the dog hides behind his human? The way you made the center of the photo much lighter than the surrounds? The woman getting low to help ease the dog's anxiety? The child that wants to pet it? The black & white?

    • I have two dogs and on a recent evening walk in SF I ran into a big crowd of, shall we say, well lubricated individuals.

      They were very excited and wanted to pet my pups, which they asked and I allowed.

      Butters, the lab, was all about it the love and attention. Couldn't care less about what was happening or who he was knocking over or who was tugging on him.

      Lutece, the corgi, however, was quite terrified after the first 20 seconds because of the many, many hands reaching down at her indiscriminately. She scooted backwards faster and faster and I can tell she was having a huge anxiety attack.

      Of course, the floodgates were open and once the people heard "yes you can pet them", they failed to hear "okay, hold on she's scared, please stop". Kinda my own fault there.

      I got down to reassure her but she just wanted to get out of that situation. One of the group members noticed she was scared and then reigned her entourage in so we made a speedy escape.

      In the end, no pups were harmed in the encounter, and many treats were had.

      Just thought I'd share my tale as well.