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    • Due to the current pandemic, many nations have implemented lockdowns to help mitigate the spread of the disease. As a result, many people have been forced to work from home, and apparently some people are finding out the hard way that their workspace at home may not be that ergonomic.

      I've seen a few people modifying their home workspace into a makeshift office workspace.

      I myself have a desktop at home with my monitor up on a riser and my laptop off to my left. Not a new setup since this is how I usually work from home anyway.

      How's your home workspace? Is it a setup you've always used, or is it a new setup you had to put together after the pandemic?

    • One thing that I found really enhancing ergonomics was this Ergon 3 Chair by Herman Miller. It may not look like much, but it has all the right shapes, consistency, and adjustments to make living at a desk, seated, for many hours a day, as easy as possible.

    • To support the no-longer-needed ability to work from home and my continuing photography efforts I have a workspace set up in a second bedroom.

      I have a small glass-topped computer desk that has a pull-out tray for keyboard and mouse.

      I was initially using a straight-backed chair but that started bothering my back. I switched to using a wobble stool - good posture is needed to use one of these. The stool I picked up at Amazon is no longer available there (they have others though) but I have found the same item at Wayfair.

    • I start remote work on Monday. We’ll see how ergonomic my workspace is after I get the remote network connection established—hopefully tin foil isn’t required—and I’ve spent several hours in a hardback chair since the “home office” is set up for reading a good book or watching television while folding laundry. @Denise’s bobble chair looks interesting: being paid to build up my core sounds good to me. 😁

    • Next room to my office, I have a stationary cycle and a pair of weights, for those long conference calls when the wireless headset and "mute" are instrumental. But i always am sympathetic of people's dogs barking and kids yelling in the background.. Thing is, some folks don't feel like their work is appreciated from home, as if showing up in an office in a suit and tie adds anything to productivity.. I recall doing field work in NYC area having to drive around in traffic, get lost, find parking (still on time!), unload and carry computers and parts to client's 35 floor office, and still had to look and smell like a flower, in 100 degrees humid summer!