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    • "TV shows" that are made for streaming sites like Netflix are misnomers which I think will continue to live on. We could call them "Netflix shows" moving forward, but with so many competing streaming services popping up, are we going to have to resort to "[insert streaming site here] shows" for every single platform?

    • I am in same exact position; the few news I ever watch are all available for streaming, also some nice interviews or similar type content. For the majority of my watching I pick and choose content I can only discover thanks to the enormous facilities on the web today. I do not understand those who like being locked in a seat in front of a screen and be fed someone's idea of content selections while being fooled into purchasing "more channels" being an attractive thing to do. And yes, the inflated price ISP & cable companies charge tries to make up for the loss of revenue in the TV realm. I have seen places where consumers actually have providers choice eventually drives prices down. One day it will be all free.