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    • Maybe it would be a good idea to start a panel type thread for announcements of new functions in Cake.

      I was just thinking about this. Wanted to ask the team how are users supposed to be informed of new features. I assume the most obvious way would be for a team member to post a change log in the "Cake" topic, or "Cake feedback".

    • Right. I suggested that it be a panel to keep it succinct. People would be free to comment in separate threads, of course, but the change announcements could just be a list.

    • Usually when we launch a big new feature we post a conversation announcing it in the Cake topic, like this one. We actually deploy small changes to Cake constantly, sometimes many times a day; mostly bug fixes and small enhancements that aren't worth calling out individually.

      We didn't announce the user profile hover card because it's a fairly small change and we figured people would discover it organically. Which you did! 😄