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    • I am not a TV watcher, but I have a Netflix account so that when grandkids come over and ask to watch a show, there’s always something appropriate for them to pick.

      I now realize that not being a TV watcher has worked in my favor during this election cycle. I can queue up an episode or two of The West Wing at night and pretend like someone intelligent is in charge. Since I haven’t seen any of these shows before, I find it engaging and also comforting; it follows a normal narrative arc and includes interesting characters.

      Pretty crazy when a TV drama is more structured and “normal” than the reality... 🥴

      What are you doing to cope with the insanity of this election season?

    • I feel bad aout doing this (guilty), but I have tried to disengage. It’s just too horrible to think about.

      But I failed. Today, for example, Scientific American broke a 175-year history of not endorsing a president to endorse Biden because Trump.

      The Gates’s finally spoke out about the disastrous leadership we have. Even Jim Gaffigan finally spoke out. There is no way to escape it.

    • I’m coping by trying come up with fun and interesting political conversations on Cake! That and not trying to think too much about it beyond that. 🍰

    • I'm coping by getting active with groups devoted to policy education, mobilizing voters, and facilitating participation in government process. Example: The League of Women Voters.

    • A few weeks ago, I joined *Postcards to Voters* and sent out a bunch of handwritten postcards to Dems in Florida that gave them the phone number and email contact to sign up for Vote by Mail in their county.

      There are now over 2 million Dems registered to Vote by mail in Florida!