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    • Yes, I have.

      It is a thorough discussion of the very complex changes society will need to undergo to really accomplish no longer dumping CO2 into the atmosphere, in any manner.

      While fossil fuel burning for tranport is a major issue, modern society has numerous factors which contribute just as much, or more, than the use of fossil fuels for vehicles, especially the production of concrete, steel, and most plastics, all of which are major industries in modern western societies.

      Mr Gates, an avowed lover of cheeseburgers as a young software entrepreneur, now feels mankind needs to remove ruminants from the worlds surface. I wonder how the Masai will react to this idea, or the Indian citizens who worship cattle.

      I need more time to ruminate over all of his ideas, but I suspect at some point many of us will come to the conclusion we need to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere in some manner, and perhaps attempt some form of shading a fraction of the globe from sunlight.

      We will truly have to become active global gardiners/caretakers, not passive creatures living on the surface of the planet. How this will be accomplished by many competing nations, with competing interests, will be interesting to follow.

      I suspect Mr Gates strongly believes we will ALL need to be constrained by a major carbon tax in the very near future. How voters will react to this sort of constraint might be challenging.

      We will desperately need the safe, small Thorium reactors to supply the major increases in electric generating capacity needed in the coming decades. Mr Gates estimates the world electrical need will probably quadruple in the coming decades.

      A lot to think about in his book - softly spoken, calmly exposited, without very little said about the politics of the coming changes.

      I will be interested to read other readers interpretation of his book.

      I posted this response as @Chris was posting his, and I would repeat his comment about how rapidly the world is growing and industrializing. China created more concrete for its cities in the last 20 years, than the USA made in the last 100 years.

      And the creation of concrete releases very large amounts of CO2, and it is almost inherent in the fabrication of concrete. We currently have no significant substitute for concrete in the modern world...

      I still can't believe the bitcoin miners consume more electricity than Norway's entire economy, most of it generated from coal burning generators in Kazakhstan and China. 🥺

    • Awesome review, Pathfinder. 💪 I agree with every word of it, but I found these two sentences in your review curious:

      mankind needs to remove ruminants from the world's surface

      I need more time to ruminate


    • Thanks @Pathfinder & @Chris I'm definitely going to find the time to read it.

      As for Elon and Tesla's buying of Bitcoin, it's massively environmentally irresponsible, and he's smart enough to know that, which sadly means the only conclusion that can be drawn is that he doesn't care about it.