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    • Cavs Hoping To Avoid Game 4

      CLEVELAND—Frustrated after a string of demoralizing losses to their perennial championship rivals the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers players said in a press conference Thursday that they were hoping to avoid Game 4 of the NBA Finals. “We have to do a much better job of protecting our home court, so we can’t let the Warriors just waltz in here and start playing basketball with us again,” said LeBron James, adding that his team wouldn’t repeat their mistakes from Game 3 in which they decided to show up for the game at Quicken Loans Arena. “You can’t let Steph and K.D. drop 40 points and expect to win. We have to make adjustments to our game to keep them from getting so many open looks, and I think that starts with adjusting our calendar. This is bigger than us—we owe it to the city of Cleveland to dig deep and find a way to stop this competition from ever taking place.” In an effort to promote the new strategy, James took to social media to post a picture of himself and several teammates sitting poolside at his Los Angeles estate.

      I'm a warriors fan but I actually wish Cleveland had won game 1 because I think they deserved it and it would have added a lot of drama to the series.

    • I’m watching and loving every minute. Not because I like seeing the Warriors win, but because it’s just really good Basketball.

      I don’t remember who said it but this particular description of the series really resonated with me: “it’s the best player in the NBA against the best team in the NBA.”

      What makes the Warriors so great is that if Steph is having a bad night, Klay is there. And if Klay is off, KD steps it up (wow he was amazing in game 3). And if... and if.... They all seem to compliment each other so well.

      LeBron, on the other hand, seems like a one man show. He is no doubt incredible, but if he’s off, who fills his shoes? Also, is it just me or does it feel like LeBron would be really good at drawing yellow cards in Soccer? 😜

    • Hahaha, the yellow card comment. Yeah, LeBron is such a beast, just impossible to stop. If his shots aren't falling, he's making assists, rebounds, or blocks. He's just amazing.

      I too love to watch the Warriors play. They play with such joy. LeBron always looks mad or frustrated, like he's not having fun.

      It isn't that I love basketball so much is that some athletes across sports get me to watch. Nadal in tennis, Curry in basketball.

    • Keenan Wells

      Going into the series I was pretty excited for this rematch. I’m a casual Warriors fan, mainly just because I lived in Oakland for a few years and got to see the team’s rise from the vantage of that community, and see them parade their championship trophies right through my neighborhood. We’d have confetti from the parades in our hallway for weeks afterward, and that was kind of fun.

      I’m still rooting for the Warriors deep down. They need to win this to cement their legacy as a dynasty, and they probably will. But I’d really love to see the Cavs make this competitive. And I love Lebron. If they came back and won, I’d be equally as excited.

      I guess now I’m half rooting for Lebron and the Cavs to win a couple, haha! I know I’m probably looking for too much out of this series.

      (Here’s a shot of Steph pointing in my direction from their first championship parade, about two blocks from where I lived)

    • I see so many people talking about how excited they are about the Warriors, people I wouldn't expect to care normally, and I ask myself how many of them gave a fig about the NBA five or six years ago? Or will give a fig five or six years from now, when this team is dissolved? Watching sports is about celebrating the wins, of course. But it's also, in equal part, about suffering the losses. Without that balance of pain and pleasure the experience is superficial, like watching curling at the Olympics.