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    • Somehow I stumbled across this talk of Arnold Schwarzenneger's, a little bit dramatized with music and visuals. I thought I'd preview a minute but he got me.

      The thing I can't stop thinking about is no plan B. If you have one, he claims, your thoughts drift to what you'll do if you fail. All that energy has to go into thinking about how to succeed. It's so hard to succeed it takes everything, no turning back.

      I wonder how many people want to pursue a dream but get talked out of it by friends or self doubts or how scary it would be to have no safety net?

    • Wonderful video and thanks for sharing it, Nick.

      The clip about Michael Jordan was my favorite part. In it a reporter asked how Michael felt being the greatest Basketball player of all time. Michael replied that the reporter was only mentioning the successes, but for him to become the greatest Basketball player, he had missed 9000 shots, when he was playing in the NBA.

      9000 times had Michael Jordan failed on his way to becoming the greatest Basketball player of all time.

      Fail and get up again!

    • What if your Plan A is shit and you don’t know it?

      Norm Brodsky is my idol. He’s had multiple businesses on the Inc 500 and he’s written an advice column for business owners for over two decades.

      His first article was on Bobby, a sales guy who got fired from his job and decided he’d turn his wife’s computer supplies business into a household name.

      Unfortunately, Bobby kept going after low margin sales and they were six months away from running out of cash.

      If Norm Brodsky hadn’t taught them how to run a successful business, their Plan A would’ve caused them to lose their house and their life savings.