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    • Travel has come a long way - from the old-school guidebooks and TV programs in a time when you had to work with a travel agent to book flights, to nowadays when sites let you plan nearly every aspect of the trip without having to pick up the phone.

      It's easy to book your transit, accommodations, and even day trips and restaurant reservations, but you still have to do research to find out what you want to do while you're there - whether it's looking at highly-rated excursions on sites like Viator or finding local guides to do walking tours or even watching shows like TRAVEL MAN to get an idea of what to do when you're actually there.

      And that's where the new travel app comes in with helping you figure out what to do when you travel. As per the piece in TechCrunch profiling the new app, “Eighty-five percent of people aren’t even looking at activities before they arrive.” So clearly, there's a real need! But wait, there's more:

      "Instead of asking travelers to create their own itineraries by browsing through a list of recommendations and reviews, Welcome builds the itinerary for them. When you’re planning to visit a destination, or when you’ve arrived and you’re wondering what to do, you can open Welcome and browse through a list of potential locations and activities, indicating which ones interest you. You also can browse recommendations from local experts, or ask for tips from your friends.

      Welcome then uses your responses to create a schedule for you, consisting both of places you’ve explicitly said you want to visit and of things that would probably be of interest. The itineraries are also based on location, with different travel options like taking an Uber or Lyft, mass transit or walking.

      Most intriguingly, the itineraries adjust in real time — if one of the items on the list doesn’t interest you, you can swipe to skip it, and Welcome will automatically fill in the gap with new activities. Or if you find a great spot where you want want to spend the whole afternoon, the app will once again adjust. Rosenberg said it’s even pulling in weather data, so “if we were going to send you to a park in the afternoon, and at lunch it starts raining, we can replace it with a museum.”

      Would you let an app help plan your trip, or are you an in-advance itinerary planner?

    • I’m going to have to try it. I find myself entertained by fantasizing about trips.

      Even trips to the dentist in Mexico. It’s all about finding that PERFECT adventure.

      Just got back from our latest Airbnb trip. The toilet needed bolted down, the sink had no hot water, the bed sucked. I gave them a five star review without complaint.

    • I had never heard of it prior to this, tbh, I rarely know where and what i'm going to do on a daily basis in random countries so it maybe useful in certain locations I could see the benefit. Especially if you are like me an potentially hit 3-5 new locations weekly.

      I have yet to look at it, so based on that, has anyone? Where does it get its information, paid sponsors of the app, or something along the lines of Yelp reviews, or is it just location based reading off a map like, google or